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Please enter your details here to exhibit at the Malvern Science in the Park family event in Priory Park, Great Malvern. (future dates TBC, so this is just an expression of interest).

COVID-19: as things can change rapidly, our approach is to plan for an outdoor event as in previous years and be on standby for last minute changes to regulations and guidance. Please plan your participation taking this need to be agile in to consideration. Please also think about COVID-compatible activities: more spaced-out actvities to allow for social distancing, less touching and frequent cleaning of handled objects, etc. Your risk assessment should also consider the impact of COVID-19 and mitigating measures for improved health and safety.


We encourage exhibitors to offer live demonstrations, hands-on exhibits or science-based games that are suitable for outside. We are discouraging simple table-top exhibits in favour of larger scale exhibits or ground-based activities.

We expect the audience will be of mainly families with school-aged children, and in particular we hope to engage children from primary school (school years 3-6) and middle school / early secondary school (years 7-9). Our aim is to provide an educational and entertaining insight into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics so that participants go away having learnt something about scientific endeavour.

It is free to exhibit as we fund this initiative through sponsorship and support. You will be provided with a pitch of approximately 5m x 5m. Being outside, there is no power or shelter provided. if you require power, please bring a battery pack or small safe generator. If you require shelter, please bring a gazebo; if you sponsor the event we will provide a gazebo as part of the package. Please also bring any seating (e.g. deck chairs), ground sheets, or tables that you require.

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring any equipment brought meets appropriate health, safety and environmental standards, with electrical equipment PAT tested. You must also have public liability insurance and have undertaken a risk assessment for the exhibit and any activities being undertaken. We will ask to see both the insurance certificate and the risk assessment before the event.

We will be in touch again with more detailed joining instructions, but you will be able to set up between 8:30am and 10:30am on the day. You will  need to pack up after the event from 4:30pm and have cleared your area by 6:30pm. There will be limited vehicular access to the park during these times, but not when the event is on.


Some ideas for your exhibit:

1) A simple walk-up area hosting a science-based activitity or game using large, tactile items such as foam models, wooden models, illustrated floor mats, or large props (like buckets, boxes, levers, wheels).

2) A pitch with a large model, vehicle or item demonstrating science and technology that can be observed, sat on, explained.

3) The starting or end point of an investigative science-based trail around the park looking for samples, specimens, clues or information that you have set out. This might suit something focused on biology, ecology, or geology for example.

4) A structured time-tabled activity that takes about 45-50mins and can be repeated each hour (11am-12noon, 12noon-1pm, 1pm-2pm, 2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm). We can also provide some volunteer STEM ambassadors to assist you during the day. We'd need to know the number of people you could cope with each session (e.g. 20 people or 10 families, etc) and we can add it to the programme so people can sign up in advance.


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